Bodega – An Alternative To The Mac App Store

If you’ve been looking for a Cydia like store for your Mac, Bodega is it. It’s a small application where you can discover and obtain amazing apps for your Mac, apps which you wouldn’t usually find in the official Mac App Store.

You can browse through many different categories, check out ratings, reviews, press, description and much more on apps. The search function works like a charm and is also great at showing related apps.

It’s also a great way for developers to sell their apps, apps which didn’t get accepted into the Mac App Store. If you were to have your own apps in the official store, Apple charge you $100 a year for a developer program, it’s free on Bodega. Also Bodega only charge 7% per sale, while Apple charge 30% per sale.

It’s free to download and is available to anyone and everyone.


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