Balllin' - The Best Dribbble Client for iPhone & iPad


Balllin' - The Best Dribbble Client for iPhone & iPad

If you're like me and spend hours ooo-ing and ahh-ing at pixel perfect work on Dribbble you'll love this Dribbble client for iPhone and iPad. It's not the official app from the people behind Dribbble but the app is so perfect that I don't think they can produce a better official one.

There isn't much to it obviously because there isn't much to Dribbble anyway. You can browse the most popular, everyone and debuts sections. You can also check out tags and login with your account. Everything has been designed to look simple and to the point, just like on the Dribbble website. Views, likes and comments are all visible from within the app.

With the quality of the iPhone and iPad display, content looks as good, if not better than on your computer screen.

Dribble for iPhone & iPad - £1.49 ($1.99)