12 Things To Do After Posting a Blog Post


I'm sure many of you guys who visit UltraLinx have your own blog. It's something that every savvy internet user seems to have these days, because they're so easy to setup and use. Here are 12 things you should do after writing a blog post.

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Here are some other steps which I think you should include when writing or after writing a blog post:

  1. Choose a topic which is either trending or something which doesn't go out of date. For example a post like "16 Awesome Text Wallpapers" will never really go out of date. I can tweet this post out in a years time and people will still find it interesting.
  2. Tips, tutorials and tricks posts are always great because people love to find solutions to problems. If you have your own solution to a problem, blog about it.
  3. Link back to other articles where you can in your posts. This is great for SEO and it's a great way for your readers to find other content on your site.
  4. Format your posts correctly, using bullet/number lists, <h> tags, bold, italics...and whatever else. It's a great way to separate out content so it's easier for the reader to take in.

12 Things To Do After Posting a Blog Post