Viddy - Instagram for Videos

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Viddy - Instagram for Videos

If you've ever wanted a mobile social network like Instagram but for video, you're in luck. Viddy, a new mobile social network solely based around videos has been making the waves on iOS, taking the number 2 spot for the most downloaded app in the free section. Somehow the app has caught the viral bug and everyone is downloading it and using it.

Just like YouTube though, there is more viewers than there is uploaders. The idea of the app is to turn everyday moments into little movies caught with the device you carry most, your phone. You can then share them quickly on the app. Now you may be thinking, but I can just do the same with YouTube, well yes you can. But the great thing about Viddy is that it has its own built-in video recorder which comes with an array of functions, especially filters, just like Instagram. You can also do things like add music, make transitions, adjust white balance and all sorts. It does speed up the process a lot, instead of having to use multiple apps to edit just the one video.

Viddy - Instagram for Videos

The developers seem to be updating the app constantly and adding new features.

The main reason so many people have been downloading and using the app is because it utilises Facebook to share videos you have seen and uploaded. Like when you read a news story, it shows up in your news feed, they've done the same with Viddy. Then to watch the video your friend has watched, you have to sign up which is actually a very quick process because you simply do it with your Facebook account.

From browsing the popular and trending sections there are some actually great videos, mostly hilarious ones though.

It's only available on iOS now but an Android and iPad specific version is coming soon.