UltraLinx Launches Digital Media Agency

For the past few months, me and a few friends have been working on a new project. A digital media agency.

I wanted to give back and help people and businesses have an online identity. Whether it be a company website or a social media marketing campaign, I wanted to help people create and run their online presence. So I saw fit to launch a small digital media agency which I and others could run in our part time.

Our Services

We provide web design, branding, graphic design, print, marketing, SEO, social media, photography and video services. Most of these services we are only able to do in the UK. But things like web design, branding, SEO and social media we can do for anyone around the world.

We’re Hiring!

We are looking to hire people on a freelance basis. We want people who are in the industries I’ve listed above. Even if we haven’t listed your industry, still contact us and tell us how you could benefit UltraLinx. We don’t care about what qualifications you have, that doesn’t matter to us, we care about work you’ve done and your experience. Whether it was for free or for clients, share with us.

To apply, head over to the site and just contact us via the contact form. In the contact form make sure to list what skills you have, how many years experience and a link to a portfolio or resume of some kind – Web Design Kent & Sussex

If you have friends or family who may be looking for any of the services we carry out make sure to let them know about us. If you can get us clients, we’ll be sure to provide you with commission so you’ll also benefit.

Web Design Kent & Sussex – UltraLinx

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