Tumblr Update Brings New UI for Android | In-Depth


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An update was just pushed for the Tumblr Android app and it brings an awesome new design. The various improvements made in the update make the app much easier to use and surface features that just weren't accessible in the previous version.

Tumblr Update Brings New UI for Android | In-Depth

From the press of the log-in button, you can tell the update it good. The new effect on the button is better than many apps on Android. Big deal you say, but this continues throughout the app.


As before, the home tab displays all posts from followed blogs. As you can see, the posts are designed to look like paper, almost post-it-notes. This is a very nice layout, but the padding around the posts is surprisingly large. This is probably to reduce the relative height of posts but can make the app feel somewhat empty.

Tumblr Update Brings New UI for Android | In-Depth

Displayed above is the centre tab of the new update. This lets you discover the popular posts from Tumblr sites across the web. The tab is image based showing the latest, hot photos on Tumblr, complete with overly filleted corners of course.


 Here's the me tab. It has been totally redesigned to bring all your blogs and common browsing location forward for easy access. I especially like the notifications icon in this view; a little more striking and urgent than others.


 Notifications are a new feature of the app. They take the top position of the me tab showing their new importance to the developers. The list combines notifications off all Tumblr sites registered with your account (which caused me some trouble as I have six sets to sift through!) making responding to interactions easier. This is a massive improvement.


The likes interface is much like the home view only it displays liked posts; no surprises here!


This is the screen you are brought to when you want to create a new post. You can choose one of the (very) colourful icons to create a post of that type much like the desktop web version of Tumblr. This is a clear example of where keeping it simple works well. Big options and very easy to understand.

Tumblr Update Brings New UI for Android | In-Depth

The new post interface is largely the same as the previous version but with a nicer top bar. The publish button too is noticeably better; finally it stands out!

That concludes my in-depth look at the new Tumblr UI for Android. The update is, in my opinion, the biggest the app has seen so far and I would encourage you to try it out. Tumblr is a very robust, customisable platform for making a website or blog so there's no reason not to make an account, or just update the app!