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Smart Keyboard | Android

I'm sure you've seen the various posts about alternative keyboards such as SwiftKey and Swype here on the site as well as on other sites. But, Smart Keyboard is another that I think should definitely be noted for being one of the top, if not the best keyboard for Android in my opinion.

Of course, there are a few disadvantages to it like any other keyboard available. One of the reasons I like this alternative so much is mainly because it gives you the option to use compact rather than the full qwerty layout which is my biggest issue with SwiftKey and Swype. Both are well designed apps but SwiftKey limits you to using the full layout only and Swype, even though it makes using it much easier, I still find it to be a pain if I'm not Swyping. I find compact to be the most useful because it is quick, accurate, and the buttons are larger which helps you avoid pressing the wrong keys and adds to the accuracy that I mentioned.

SmartKeyboard is a paid application but there is also a trial version that holds all the features that you find in the full version. The only difference between the two is that with the trial version, you will receive a popup asking if you want to buy the full version or not. You'll get that message maybe once or twice a day and it's a great way to find out if this is the keyboard to replace the rest. It also has theme support and comes with 8 skins as well as additional that you can download. And if you're feeling up to it, you can make your own. I'm still patiently waiting for a developer to make a keyboard that allows you to utilize swype with the compact keyboard.


  • Multiple Keyboards (QWERTY, Compact, T9)
  • Theme Support (iPhone, Android, Gingerbread, Galaxy, HTC, Gray, White, Black, etc...)
  • Language Support for 51 languages
  • Customizable Key Height
  • Customizable Padding
  • Fullscreen-Portrait/Landscape
  • Voice Input
  • Gestures
  • Text Prediction (Quick fix, Auto-complete, Custom Punctuation, etc.)
  • Smart Dictionary