SEO for Video – How To Optimise Video for Search

Optimising video for SEO can be a tough nut to crack. Because video isn’t actually read by search engines. It’s a good idea to either upload them to YouTube or Vimeo, or create a post for them in a CMS platform like WordPress. You will get a lot better results then.

Back in 2010 I did videos related to Android on YouTube. I saw some great results purely because I named the videos in a way which people will search. Some of the videos were getting 50,000+ views, this is when I had no fan base at all, so all the views were organic views coming from Google search and people searching in YouTube. YouTube is a great place to start, and now that the partner program is open to everyone, anyone can make money off their videos if they own the rights to them.

Naming your videos correctly is the most important factor when it comes to getting viewers. If you name them correctly and actually relate them to the content in the video, viewers will build trust in you and your videos and will come back if they find it’s something they are looking for.

Sxephil, a huge YouTube superstar has a tactic with all of his YouTube videos which works very well. He knows that sex sells, so in every one of his videos he’ll talk about a female model/celebrity and then put a raunchy thumbnail of that female. He’ll then put a title which is very enticing. Obviously his videos are targeted at men.

Bubzbeauty is another example of a YouTube superstar. She creates videos mainly targeted at women who are in to beauty. Because she does tutorials on make-up and the sorts, women are attracted. She puts an enticing thumbnail of the end result and text on the thumbnail. She also relates them to the current trends, for example one of her videos is called “flirty spring look”, keeping it related to the current season.

The best way to learn how to optimise videos is to look at examples and see how other people do it.

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