SEO Quality of a Link | Infographic


I recently did a post on Basic SEO Tips for anyone with a website. The tips in that article were quite basic and could be carried out on any website.

The next step in a SEO strategy is acquiring high quality links back to your site. This is quite a tough step because you have to get people interested in your site and they will share it naturally. These types of links back to your site are the most valuable too because people aren't being forced to do it, they're sharing because they're genuinely interested by your site. If you have a blog, like UltraLinx, and post high quality content people will naturally share your content. Other website owners will also start linking from their own sites. If you get link backs from other very high quality websites which Google ranks high in search results, Google will recognise that your site may also be highly valuable and will start ranking you higher in search results.

If you own a business website where you don't have a blog, get one started right away and share content related to your industry. You can also buy links back to your site from high quality sites, if they sell text links. This a great way to get a boat load of links back to your site but obviously it's costly. Another great way to get recognition is to do guest posts for blogs and sites which allow it. You can also post work you've done on sites like Behance, DeviantArt, Flickr...etc. Because they already have massive user bases, people will see your work. If your work interests them they will naturally share it.

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SEO Quality of a Link | Infographic