OMG - Gmail Tap - The Revolutionary New Way of Typing

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OMG - Gmail Tap - The Revolutionary New Way of Typing

The qwerty keyboard is a easily the best way of typing when it's at full size and on a desk. However cramming those 26 keys from a qwerty keyboard and cramming them into a small smartphone screen isn't really a great way to type. So Google have no reinvented the keyboard, the Gmail Tap.

Gmail Tap turns all those 26 keys into just two. Those two buttons represent a dot and a dash, morse code. Once you learn how many dots and dashes you need to type out specific words, you'll be well on your way typing without even looking. This is ideal when you're trying to quickly send an email by just sticking your hand in pocket and tapping away, without ever having to get your phone out of your pocket.

There is also a multi-email mode, where you have two keyboards, either side of the screen. This is so you can type out two emails at once.


I love LL Cool J's appearance in the video, LOL.

Disclaimer: This is an April fools joke ;)