Minimal Clothing Without The Designer Label Price Tag

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Minimal Clothing Without The Designer Label Price Tag

This is mainly targeted at our US visitors.

If you love minimalism and even apply it to your clothing but at the same time want designer label quality, you know it can be an expensive affair. Major labels like Hugo Boss, Ted Baker and Ralph Lauren provide very nice minimal style clothing but we all know they're way overpriced.

Everlane is a new US based company which completely changes the game by providing high quality designer label clothing but without the actual label and the high price tags. They are fairly new so haven't got an extensive range of products like other retailers may have.

They promise that everything they sell will cost under $100. The reason they can price low but provide quality is because they have no physical stores. There is no middleman taking a cut and there is no brand markups, just simple clothing. They call them luxury basics.

It's definitely worth checking out their store if you're interested in this sort of thing. I just wish they would operate in the UK, I'd be all over that.