Jittergram | Make Cool GIF's on Your iPhone


Jittergram | Make Cool GIF's on Your iPhone

GIF's seem to be the in thing right now. And all they are is simply two or more images stitched together to create a movie like effect, but in an image. If you're into making GIF's or want to have ago at making one, Jittergram does a great job.

With the app you can stitch together two or more images and it'll transform them into a GIF. It is quite limited though, for example you can't change the pace, but I'm sure many people won't care about that. Also the quality isn't great. They've made it so it looks pixelated. Some people will like it, some won't. I don't mind it, adds to the effect I think.

It's completely free on the AppStore which is a plus. Usually you have to pay for these apps.


Here is one I made. Pretty simple.

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Jittergram GIF Example