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If you didn't know already, Instagram was released on Android a few days ago. It's been on iOS for 2 years already. Reports are saying they gained 1 million new users in 2 hours. This will inevitably grow a lot more as more and more people are discovering the photo sharing social network. It's amazing how a mobile exclusive social network can become so popular so quickly.

With a new social network also comes learning the tricks of it. Learning how to use it to its full potential and how to get the best out of it. The main idea behind Instagram is sharing pictures with as many people as possible, gaining likes, comments and followers.

Here are some great tips for Instagram which will enhance your Instagram experience.

Complete your profile information

With any social network, complete your profile. Add your name, profile picture, links, bio...etc. Under the "edit profile" section you can also change your username if you like.

Instagram Tips

Like & Comment

Always like and comment pictures you find interesting. The uploader will notice and may do the same on your pics and start following you. The whole point of a social network is to engage with one another.

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Add Tags and Tag Other Instagram Users

A feature which many don't realise exists is the tag features. You can add tags to your pictures like you would on Twitter or Flickr. By adding tags your picture will come up in search results, something which we'll get onto later. You can also tag other users in your pictures or comments. So if you want to get someone specific to notice your pic or are replying to their comment, type in their username.

Instagram Tips

Search for content and other users

Under the profile tab, the far left button at the bottom, you'll see "search instagram". Use the search functionality to either search for other Instagram users or search for pictures. It's a great way to discover new content and you'll always find something amazing.

Instagram Tips

Check out what the people you're following are doing

A tab which goes unnoticed a lot is the "following" tab. In the notification part of the app there are two tabs at the tab the "following" tab and the "news" tab. The news tab is directly related to you. But the following tab shows what the people you're following are doing. Whether it be someone new they're following, their likes and their comments. It's a great to keep up with your friends.

Instagram Tips

Use Statigram

The biggest problem I have with Instagram is that they don't have a desktop or browser viewer of all your pictures. Statigram is a service which changes this. You can view all your images in your browser. You can even check out stats and find which pics have been liked the most.


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