Best Instagram App for iPad – Iris

Instagram fever has hit the world, literally. With it recently being launched on Android and then it being bought by Facebook for $1 billion, there is never ending news about the mobile only photo sharing network.

However many have got a bone to pick with Instagram because they still don’t have a web version of the network and there are no official tablet apps. Developers have given up waiting and are doing the job themselves, and to be honest they’re doing a pretty good job too. Some of the third party Instagram sites are amazing and some of the third party Instagram iPad apps are amazing, but Iris is easily the best so far.

Iris very recently launched for the iPad, after many teasers. The app has been beautifully built having an absolutely stunning UI. Everything is super minimal and adopts many features from the official Instagram app for iPhone and Android.

You can like photos, comment on photos, share photos, browse popular photos and use the search functionality. However, like every third party Instagram app, you can’t upload – that has stayed exclusive in Instagram’s own apps. God knows why Instagram haven’t released the API for uploading from anywhere else, but I’m sure they have good reasoning.

The app utilises the big screen on the iPad and fits more on the screen. You get a large or small thumbnail/tile view so you can quickly sift through pictures. When tapping on a picture you it pops up and overlays everything else, instead of going to a new screen. All you have to do is tap somewhere else and you can quickly continue browsing.

If you have an iPad and are a savvy Instagram user, Iris is highly recommended.

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Iris for iPad Р£1.49 ($1.99)

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