Google Drive Released – Get it Now!

In case you haven’t heard, Google has just opened its new cloud storage service, Drive, to the public. The service works much like Dropbox and similar solutions in order to make files from your computer accessible on the cloud and other devices. It is a major step up in the cloud storage space and here’s why…

Google’s focus for some time has been cloud services. They provide practically everything they do on the web, available to use without downloads. The common examples of these are Gmail, Calendar and Docs – Docs is very important! The Google Docs service is practically a cloud storage service in itself. You can upload any file and edit it online, save it and access it from another device. Google Drive is essentially an incredible update to Docs.

Drive offers a simple way to transfer files to-and-fro your computer. It lets you put your files in a secure place in the cloud –  the web; the Internet – where you can edit them. Google is clearly trying to get people to move to their cloud services, hammering home the message that the cloud is the future. While Drive does let you beam your files between computers, Google gives more options than most when it comes to on-line interaction.

If you want to try Google Drive you can do so right now: just head over to the official site:

Google Drive – Website

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