Google Currents Global Release - Massive Update


Google Currents Global Release - Massive Update

Google Currents is a news aggregator app for Android which shuffles around web page elements to create a slick magazine like reading experience on Android, similar to Pulse or Flud. It's one of the prettier Google apps, but for some reason doesn't adhere to the ICS design rules. In spite of this, I've been using it since its limited US release because of its aesthetic appeal and intuitive UI.

Version 1.0 of Currents had a few game breaking flaws, updating was slow, syncing options were limited and it was difficult to discover new content. Version 1.1.0 aims to has fixed all these issues and more - bringing Google Currents to the international scene, adding global Play Store availability, support for 44 languages, local trending stories and even translation tools. This is all topped off with new sync options and a dramatic 7x speed boost!

What's New?

Sync speed - Dramatic (7X) performance boost.
Instant online sync - No need to press "sync". Just open an edition for latest content.
Offline reading - Choose favorite editions for offline images.
International - Currents now available worldwide (in 44 languages).
Translate - Translate complete editions to your preferred language. (38 languages).
Trending - Local trending stories provided for US, FR, UK, DE, IT, ES, JP, AU.
Bug fixes