Chrome BETA for Android Updated, Available In More Countries Too

If you’ve got Android 4.0 on your device but have yet to install Chrome BETA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN?!

It’s easily the best web browser for the Android 4.0 platform and it’s only in BETA stage, just think about how good the final version will be.

It’s just been updated on to Android MarketPlay Store, adding the following features:
– Choose whether you want it to act like a mobile or desktop browser, in case you hate mobile sites.
– Add bookmarks as shortcuts on your homescreen (quick, add UltraLinx!)
– Choose your favourite apps to handle links opened in Chrome
– Ability to now enter proxy configuration into the browser.

It’s a shame the app has been limited to Android 4.0 which only covers 3% of the entire Android base. But I’m sure it’s because Android 4.0 has the requirements which the app needs to make it great.

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