Basic SEO Tips for Any Website Owner/Creator

For those who don’t already know what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Probably every single person on the planet who has used the internet has used some sort of search engine to find content. Sites like this and many others perform SEO procedures on their site to rank higher and relate to certain words to come top.

For example when you search UltraLinx in Google, my site comes top. This is because I’ve optimised my site to come top for that search result by putting the word “UltraLinx” in the name of the site and the domain.

Another reason my site comes top is because when people search for UltraLinx, they know what they are looking for. Once they click on the link and stay on the site for a while, Google will recognise this and will understand that my site is directly related to that word. It’ll then rank it higher than anyone else who may be trying to use it.

As you can see, there is also a description of the site beneath the title and domain. This is another part of SEO.

To be able to perform the simple procedure above all you have to do is be able to access the header of your site, which you should be able to do with just about any site.

You can then copy and paste the template below right into your template. However nearly all sites have this pre-installed, it’s just a matter of changing it.

<title>YOU PUT YOUR TITLE HERE</title>

The title tag above is the name of your site. Keep this at 70 characters or under, because 70 characters is the limit Google will show in their search results. However you don’t just have to put the name of your site, you can put some relevant keywords. For example, if you own a web design company and are based in London you could use “UltraLinx – Web Design Company in London”. Then when anyone searches “web design company in london” your result may come up. But obviously you will face very tough competition because many other web design agencies will be doing the same.

The next step is to add a description tag. You should also have this pre-installed but you can copy and paste the template below.

<meta name=”description” content=”YOU PUT YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE” />

In the description tag you can put whatever you like. You can either put a short bio of your company, list your services, list what the site is about or target keywords.

The tips above are very basic and are also the most important. SEO can become a lot more complicated and building a strong site which ranks higher than others is very tough. To be able to rank higher than others you have to carry out a lot more procedures, such as high quality back-linking, regular site updates…etc.

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