UltraLinx Launches UltraWalls

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UltraLinx Launches UltraWalls

The excitement of launching a new site is just unbearable sometimes. I'm like a 5-year-old waiting to go down to the shops to just raid the sweets section like I'm the terminator.

But here I am again, with another new site under my belt. An extraordinarily beautiful wallpaper site where I only post hand-picked selection of gorgeous wallpapers.

The site is based on Tumblr, I felt like it was the way to go really. Tumblr offers very simple CMS with very quick posting. Also because it has a large social presence, people can easily follow the site through Tumblr to keep up with the latest wallpapers - no brainer really.

For this site to evolve and to become a hotspot for wallpapers, I need your help. I can't find and post lots of wallpapers on my own everyday, so I've added a submit form on the site. You can submit to me wallpapers you've found and think are worth sharing. There are quite strict guidelines, this purely due to keeping up the quality of wallpapers on the site.

UltraWalls will only occupy iPhone, iPad and Android wallpapers - iPhone mainly though. Desktop wallpapers and wallpaper packs will still be posted here, on UltraLinx.

You can keep up with all the latest wallpapers by liking the fan page.

Now, head over to the site and download yourself some wallpapers!

UltraWalls - The most epic iPhone wallpapers that you didn't even know they could get this epic, because they're too epic.