Space - iPhone Screenshots by UltraLinx


Space - iPhone Screenshots by UltraLinx

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Gone for the space/galactic look here. Really love this setup at the moment, fits all my daily needs and I love utilising my lockscreen to show an actual image, not just a background.

Icons/Theme - Jaku - Haven't got bored with this theme yet and the developer (ck5um) is just a god. Keeps bringing out regular updates with more icons and little system tweaks here and there.

For the icons I'm using a 5x5 grid and GridLock to place them where I want.

Wallpapers - Homescreen | Lockscreen

Lockscreen slider theme

Yesterday I asked whether an Android, iPhone and iPad wallpaper site was a good idea. Many people praised the idea and thought it was brilliant, not one person was against. So I promise, a new wallpaper site will be coming soon. If there are any web coders out there who would like to help me with the new site (would look great on your resume/cv/portfolio), contact me!