Signa - Beautiful Icon Sets for MIUI Android


Signa - Beautiful Icon Sets for MIUI Android

Are you tired of those ugly icons that come with your Android phone? Well, in case you haven't heard, there's a custom ROM out there just for you. It's called MIUI and it's fully customisable - perfect for a pixel perfectionist such as yourself!

MIUI allows you to customise everything on your phone, from the lockscreen to the statusbar - this is just one of the reasons I love it! You can edit the entire look of your phone to suit your needs. Keeping in mind that the main way you interact with and initiate apps is via the launcher, icons are a big part of customisation on your phone. They are the covers on the bookshelf of your apps, and let's face it, we do judge these books by their covers. A good set of icons makes your phone stand out and, to be perfectly honest, it makes it easier to use.

The Signa series of icons is one set which conveys this perfectly. It makes every app in your phone look better - even those stock ones you wouldn't have prodded with a stick previously. All the icons follow the same basic style guidelines making them very clean and simple. They all have an attractive, minimal design which instantly shows off the app in the best light.

So, if you want to spice up your Android phone and it's running MIUI, check out this project and grab one of the various icon sets available. Find out more about MIUI on the official website.

Signa - Icon Sets