How To Setup Wireless Media Syncing On Android - DoubleTwist AirSync

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How To Setup Wireless Media Syncing On Android - DoubleTwist AirSync

There are many wireless media syncing options for your Android device, Dropbox,, Airdroid and my favourite DoubleTwist. Dropbox and work well, they have massive amounts of cloud storage but downloading the files to your device first involves you uploading them to the respective server before being able to download them to your device. AirDroid is very good, as well as copying files to your device you can also manage various aspects of it. However, for media files (as the title of this post suggests), DoubleTwist Airsync is the #1 choice for me.

DoubleTwist has become renowned amongst the Android community, serving as both a bridge for those switching from iOS - as an iTunes replacement, and also as an easy way to sync media files across from your PC to your Android device. If you have ever used iTunes, you will instantly recognise the almost identical UI. A navigation pane frames the left hand side of the program with the rest of the area dedicated to the media.

DoubleTwist AirSync is built right into the DoubleTwist desktop app, so all you'll need to get is the DoubleTwist app for Android (Market link below) followed by the AirSync app.

Setting up AirSync is easy:

  1. Download the DoubleTwist and AirSync apps from the Android Market
  2. In the DoubleTwist settings, make sure AirSync is enabled
  3. In the app settings, press 'setup AirSync' - note the code that pops up
  4. Launch DoubleTwist on your computer and wait for your device to popup in the side/nav bar (if it doesn't appear automatically, try connecting manually by following the  in app instructions)
  5. Enter in the code displayed on your device into the corresponding boxes in the desktop software
  6. Your devices are now 'paired'
  7. Choose which files (Music, Videos, Photos, Podcasts) you want to sync to your device. Tip: you can directly drag and drop files from the DoubleTwist Library onto the device icon in the sidebar!
  8. Allow your files to sync - you won't be able to turn off your screen during the sync, but the app will remind you
  9. Your synced files can either be accessed through the DoubleTwist Android app or through an alternative media player (if you have one)

It's that simple. Do you have a preferred method for syncing your media files to your Android device? Comment below!