Readability Works Well, Looks Gorgeous!


Readability Works Well, Looks Gorgeous!

If you have tried out any of the various 'save for later' services available - Read It Later and Instapaper spring to mind - then you'll probably know how cluttered the applications are. A new solution for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and pretty much anything else with a web connection changes this, bringing you what you want to see - and only what you want to see. This new solution is Readability.

Readability offers you a very simple way of marking webpages for later viewing. All you have to do is make an account and install one of the bookmarklets or browser extensions. Then, all you have to do when you're in a hurry is click the button and it's saved. Additionally, Readability offers a sleek, minimal viewing mode which can be activated in the extensions by clicking the ' key.  This mode allows you to see the article and content that your interested in without all the ads around it.

When you're on-the-go, you probably want to access those articles you've saved to read later, right? You can do just this with Readability's iPhone, iPad and Android apps. The apps are simply amazing. They let you view articles in your reading list and search through them. You can delete and archive articles as well as share them with Facebook or Twitter. And, interestingly, unlike other similar apps, you can search the web to find new articles to add to your list.

Overall, I believe Readability is the best save for later service out there. It provides all the features of other alternatives and in a better interface across all platforms. You should definitely try it out - especially since all apps are free!

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