Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest | Infographic

If you haven’t signed up to Pinterest, you really need to. It’s going to be one of the biggest social networks out there and is growing faster than Twitter and Facebook did, in relative terms. Even though 80% of users are women, doesn’t mean it’s a site made for women. Us men need to get on their too. I wrote a post on why Pinterest is great for designers a while back, worth a read.

Facts about Pinterest

– Pinterest generates more traffic referral than LinkedIn and Google+. It’s very close behind Twitter.
– Over 80% pins are actually re-pins
– 30% of Pinterest users are aged from 26-34
– Pinterest in the US and UK differ a lot. US users are mainly pinning crafts, gifts, hobby, interior design, and fashion related content. While UK users are pinning content related to venture capitalism, blogging resources, web stats, SEO and marketing.

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