Path for iPhone Updated to v2.1

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Path for iPhone Updated to v2.1

Path for iPhone has been updated, adding a huge new feature which I'm sure many people who are into their fitness will love.

Path is a mobile specific social network and it's growing very quickly. It's also a very personal social network where you can even tell people what time you wake up and go to sleep.

Path for iPhone Updated to v2.1

Well in the latest update they have added support for Nike+, so you can share you runs in real-time. Once you've completed a run, it'll show the route you took on a map so your friends can see. This is just the start of the Nike+ integration, Path also promises that in the next few weeks you'll be able to connect your Nike+ FuelBand if you have one.

They have also updated the music and photo stories. Music Match is a new feature which will record your surroundings to try to work out what song you might be listening to, so you can share not so familiar and very familiar songs with your Path friends. For photos they have added a new free lens, a comic-book inspired lens called Pow. You can also now have separate focus and exposure points, like many other camera apps have implemented.

No word on when the new update will be coming for Android, I'm sure it will be soon though. But I'm not so sure it'll include the Nike+ features.

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