Official Tweetdeck for Desktops Updated

If you’re a user of the new Tweetdeck application, you’ll be happy to know it’s just received a major update.

Lists have been updated hugely. You can know create, edit and delete lists right in the app. With the dedicated Lists button in the toolbar your Lists will always be very close. Of course you can now click on people’s profiles and add/remove them from lists.

Activity & Interactions
When the web version of Twitter was updated, they added a new “Connect” tab which showed you all activities and interactions to do with your Twitter account. Twitter have now adopted this into their new Tweetdeck application.

You now get two columns which you can add, an interactions column and an activity column.

The interactions column now shows mentions, who are your new followers, if you’ve been added to a list and retweet and favourite notifications.

The activity column shows a real-time feed of activities from the people you follow. Activities such as who they are following, tweets they favourite and who they are adding to their lists.

Media viewing right in the application has also been added. You can view images and videos a lot faster, and you get a small preview of them right in the feed itself.

It looks as though Twitter are catching up with the old version of Tweetdeck, but I’m still not taken by it yet. The new version still doesn’t offer the basic feature of a custom URL shortner.

How to get the new update:

Windows – close the app and restart, it should auto-update.
Mac – Download it from the Mac App store

If you’re still looking for the old version of Tweetdeck, you can find it here – Old version of Tweetdeck

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