Must Have iPad Apps & Games for Your New iPad

The new iPad is literally around the corner. And if you’re getting it (or are reading this post after getting a new iPad) here is a list of some great must have apps for your iPad. All of the apps listed below are ones I actually use myself and let me make the most of my iPad. They’re also usually the best of their kind, and some you do have to pay for. But quality apps are worth paying for, especially because the developers but a lot of hard work into these apps, they need some sort of compensation.

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Flipboard – Free – This is by far my most used app on my iPad. This app is basically a news/rss reader and social network app which transforms everything into a beautiful magazine layout. You can swipe through pages like a page, from right to left. It’s interface is fluid and you simply search for your favourite news sources in the search box. You can also add, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and 500px to the app.

Netflix – Free (Subscription required though) – If you’re into movies and TV shows Netflix is by far and away one of the best services to watch past movies and watch past TV shows. There’s so much content on there that you’ll always be able to find something to watch. It can be addictive though, just warning you.

Facebook – Free – A no brainer really. If you got a Facebook account, the official app is the best way to keep up with Facebook on your iPad.

Tweetbot – £1.99 – If you’re into Twitter, and I’m sure you are if you’re reading this post, Tweetbot is the best Twitter client for iPad. It has some amazing features which you find in many other Twitter clients, and it’s all put together in a gorgeous looking app which is fun to use.

VEVO HD – Free – Love music videos? You’ll love VEVO. You can watch all your favourite music videos in high quality, to match that beautiful iPad screen.

BBC iPlayer – Free – If you’re from the UK, you’ll know what the BBC is – well actually most of the world will know what the BBC is. But if you like to watch the big beebs TV shows, you’ll love their iPlayer app for iPad. You can keep up with the latest episodes which are updated 1 or 2 hours after being aired on TV.

iBooks – Free– The iPad screen is a great size for reading content, especially books. If you love your books iBooks is worth downloading. You can also go for Amazon’s Kindle app which lets you download books.

iPhoto – £2.99– The iPad screen is also a great size for looking at pictures, and Apple have taken advantage of it by recently releasing iPhoto – made to replace your photo gallery. You can browse through photos, organize them, edit them and more. Apple likes to think the iPad is a photo editing machine, I’m not going to believe it till they actually implement an easier way to transfer my photos from my camera to the tablet, such as an SD card slot.

Pages, Keynote, Numbers – £6.99 each – If you’re planning to do work on your iPad, Apple’s iWork range of products are perfect. Pages enables you to make word documents and it includes many different templates to start you off with. Keynote enables you to make overly pretty presentations. And numbers enables you to be an accountant, by making spreadsheets and what not.

Garageband – £2.99 – So you want to be a musician aye? Well Apple has you covered with Garageband…kind of. It’s a great app for basic music makers and producers, it can really be taken advantage of if you know how to use it.

iMovie – £2.99 – Oh so now you want to be a movie procedure? iMovie will let you be one…well make you think you’re one. With iMovie you can create some great basic home-made movies and edit them. Functionality is obviously very limited to what you can do on your computer with programs like Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro, but that’s not the point. It’s been made to have fun with.


Kingdom Rush – £1.99 – By far and away, the best game I have played on my iPad. However preference of games differ from person to person and I’m sure other games are better to other people. But if you’re into your tower defence games, you’ll love this one. The cute graphics and the amount of options make it real fun and enjoyable to play.

Angry Birds – £0.69 – Now there is no need for a description on this one is there? Who doesn’t know Angry Birds. The game looks great on the iPad. It’s worth checking out Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio too.

Cut The Rope – £0.69 – Aim of the game – get the candy into the frogs mouth, simple right? Or is it? A very fun game which has been successful across many different platforms.

Fruit Ninja HD – £1.99 – Everyone secretly wants to be some kind of Ninja. Well you can be with this game. Unfortunately Fortunately you won’t be slicing up people, but you will be slicing up fruit, as many as you can. You can even play against people online to see how good you really are.

Real Racing 2 HD – £4.99 – Real Racing 2 HD is the best you can get on your iPad when it comes to realistic driving. The graphics are amazing for something like an iPad.

The ones listed above are only a very minute few of the hundreds of thousands of apps on the Appstore. I’d be here all day if posted all the best ones, so the best of the best.

If you recommend any other iPad apps, like always, leave your recommendation in the comments. It’s always great discovering new apps.

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