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The Invisible Mercedes

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The Invisible Mercedes

James Bond fans rejoice, the invisible car tech from 'Die Another Day' is here! When a new car is released, most companies would try their best to bring the vehicle into the public eye - but no Mercedes. With their latest car announcement, the B-Class with F-Cell, Mercedes tried to make the car invisible to the public, while keeping it in front of their noses.

The B-Class uses Mercedes new 'F-Cell' technology, a hydrogen fuel cell with 0 carbon emissions. In order to avoid the usual cliches of green vehicle advertising projects, Mercedes opted to take a unique route. The car features in the advertisement had one side of the vehicle covered with mats of LED lights, in an attempt to make the car invisible - representing the car being invisible to environmental damage. A Canon 5D MkII was locked onto the other side of the car, to film the view which was then transferred to the LEDs which formed a huge, car shaped screen.

Watching the video (below) is the best way to explain the new car. And while obviously the LED screen is part of this marketing ploy (and unfortunately won't be available for retail), some of the tricks they do with the invisible car are quite impressive.