Instagram for Android - Sign Up Now!


Instagram for Android - Sign Up Now!

Instagram for Android is something hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for. It's popularity was confirmed just by becoming a trending topic on Twitter. Instagram did confirm last year that it'd be coming to Android but never gave any time frame. Months went by and many had lost hope, then suddenly news broke out of it again with a developer talking about how the Android version was in some ways better than the iOS version.

Well it looks like Instagram for Android is now coming very soon with the launch of a sign up page. By signing up you'll be one of the first to be notified about it and might be one of the first every people to use it. So hit the link below and sign up, quick!

Instagram for Android - Sign up page

The devs behind the app have released a Dribbble shot, with some faint shots of some of the UI from the app.