IDAPT i4 Review - Multi Device Charging Dock

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IDAPT i4 Review - Multi Device Charging Dock

Thanks to the guys over at IDAPT for sending this out to me.

If you're a tech geek you'll inevitably own multiple phones and maybe a tablet or two. Charging all the devices can be a pain because they might all use different plugs and adapters. This takes up plug space and makes a lot of cable clutter.

IDAPT is the solution to the problem. It is a multi device charging dock which can simultaneously charge four different devices at once. It is compatible with over 4000 different devices.


IDAPT i4 Review - Multi Device Charging Dock

In the box, you get the dock, power cable and 6 different charging tips. You can only have three different tips installed in the dock at once. You can change around the tips how you like and switch them up. The 6 tips I got in the box included, iPhone/iPod, MicroUSB, MiniUSB, Nokia (thin), Sony Ericsson and Samsung. These 6 tips cover the most popular devices out there but if one you're looking for hasn't been included, you can buy other tips from their site. The tips are tough and can easily hold up most phones. However I would not recommend trying to dock an iPad, it's not strong enough to hold tablets.

IDAPT i4 Review - Multi Device Charging Dock

Thankfully you can still charge your iPad or other tablet through the USB port which is in the right side. This is very useful and can also make up for a tip which may have not been included in the box. I'm not sure about the power output from the USB port but it was powerful enough to charge my iPad 2 which requires an output of 2 Amps. I'm sure it's capable enough of charging all other tablets.

IDAPT i4 Review - Multi Device Charging Dock

Each tip has an LED indicator showing charge status. When charging a device it'll go red. When finished charging it'll turn to green.

Build Quality and Design

Build quality of the dock isn't amazing. It is made from plastic but it definitely doesn't feel cheap. All the way round there is a clear plastic exterior with a piano black finish underneath which does look great. However I feel like better feeling plastic or even aluminium would bring it up a notch and make it feel lust worthy.

The plastic tips do feel quite cheap and are quite fragile so I'd be careful with them. They'll easily withstand the weight of a phone though so I wouldn't worry too much.

There are plastic buttons on either side of each tip which you push down together to release each tip. However I think these could be removed completely and the tips could be instead pushed down and locked into place, instead of clicking into place. It'd give the whole thing a lot more of a cleaner and minimal look.

IDAPT i4 Review - Multi Device Charging Dock

There is a button near the back edge of the dock, the on/off button. I hate to say it, but it's the worst on and off button I've seen. It's made from a simple hinge of plastic which simply clicks down to turn the dock on and off. This could also be completely removed from the top of dock, put around the back and completely replaced with a simple switch button. I understand it's just been made to be an on and off button, but it ruins the look and feel of the dock.


If you're looking for an affordable multi device charging station, the IDAPT i4 is the way to go. There are many others out there like it but most are way too expensive to be even worth considering. It does a very good job of charging 4 devices at once, and the USB port on the side is very well thought of. It's just a shame the build quality lets it down a little but I'm sure overtime, improvements will be made. It's got fantastic reviews on Amazon from very happy customers which shows it'll easily suit the average consumer.