Google Takes on Apple with New Super-Cheap Play Deals


Google Takes on Apple with New Super-Cheap Play Deals

As, we just discovered, Google has rebranded the Android Market, now calling it Google Play. To celebrate the new store, Google has partnered with several app developers, artists and publishers to bring us deals in on Apps, Games, Movies and Music. Their new 49p section of the Play Store undercuts Apple's prices in the App Store. beating the average of 69p. Could this be Google's way to show it is taking on the company with the new branding?

App Deals

Google is currently offering several apps and games for 49p. You can find the full list of apps in this promotion below:

Find out more about the 49p apps on offer here:

Favourite Apps Promotion - Google Play

Additionally, Google is offering a '20p App of the Day'. Today, the app is Where's My Water?, an incredibly addictive cartoon puzzle game.

Where's My Water - Google Play

Movie Deals

Here are all the movies, on sale for just 99p, on Play right now:

You can find all the Movies in this promotion here:

99p Movies Promotion - Google Play

Just as with apps and games, Google is offering a 20p 'Play of the Day'. Today this is Knowing, a sci-fi thriller.

Knowing - Google Play

Music Deals

As well as these awesome deals, Google is offering a '7 Days to Play' Music deal for those in the US. They're making  $o.25 deals everyday for you to enjoy! Find out more about the Music deals here:

Music - Google Play

Google Play

Remember to check out the new Google Play at for all the latest content from Google!