Google Play Is A Sh*t Name

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Google Play Is A Sh*t Name

If you haven't noticed already, Graham published a post on Google rebranding the Android Market to Google Play. Now Google are a massive company and their marketing team I'm sure is one of the best in the world, but what the hell were they thinking here.

The main part of the Android Market is the apps. It's what everyone wants. Apple were lucky to be the first ones in there to name their version the "App Store", a very generic name. Obviously Google couldn't copy, so they called it the Android Market which was a brilliant name. Just the word "Market" gives off the image of a place where you get stuff, such as apps, music, movies...etc.

Like the term "add me on Facebook" became very popular, App store, also became a term which many use and are familiar with. Android Market also became familiar term and people understood it right away, it was a competitor to the App Store.

Android Market also sounded professional. Google Play sounds plain childish. It's as if Google are marketing the thing to children. Most people who have smartphones are adults. Does Google want us to have fun while browsing for apps, when really it's no fun at all. I don't get all excited and jump up and down because it's so much fun browsing an app store. It's plain boring to be honest, and that's how it should stay.

When I go to any app store of any kind, I go there to simply download some great apps and then get out as quickly as possible to experience these apps. I want it to be a plain and straight forward experience.

Don't get me wrong, Google are one of my favourite companies and Android is one of the best OS' out there - it all depends on what kind of user you are. But Google I think have made a horrible move here by rebranding everything under their own name. They should have kept Android separate like it's always been. Android is a whole different thing to Google, like YouTube is a whole different thing. Android has become too much of a big brand, rebranding the whole Android Market actually hurts the brand.

Apps aren't just about playing and having fun - this is especially true for adults. I buy and download apps to make the most of my phone, to utilise it, to do things for me. Playing doesn't usually come to mind when buying a smartphone.

The place it will hurt most though is in stores. When a salesman is trying to sell an Android phone to the average consumer, the consumer will most likely just know the generic name "Apps". Like I said earlier, because Android Market sounds like a place where you get apps and is a competitor to Apple's App Store, the consumer will understand right away "yes, I can get apps". Google Play does not give this image off at all, it more sounds like a place for music or movies.