Galileo - iPhone 360 Dock

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Galileo - iPhone 360 Dock

Galileo is a new kickstarter project which has been put together to transform the way we use the cameras on iPhones. You simply dock your iPhone into the thing and control the movement of the iPhone from another iPhone or iPad. It is capable of 360° panning and can move at 200° per second.

Now you can imagine the possibilities of this thing when you put it to use. You could use it for video calls and conferencing, baby monitoring, time-lapse photography and whatever else you can think of - and all this can be done wirelessly, from anywhere. It has a rechargeable battery so you don't need it to be connected to the mains all the time. The people behind it are supplying an SDK for the device, so you'll be able to implement Galileo functionality into your own apps. And lastly, there is tripod mount on the bottom for those photographers out there.

It's easily one of the best docks for the iPhone, and if they were to evolve it to suit lots of other phones and cameras, you could see how great this product really could be.