Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolling Out


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Reports from various websites and all over Twitter are saying that Samsung has at last unleashed the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for their flagship device.

The Galaxy S2 is one of the most popular Android phones out there and was purely made to be a competitor to the iPhone.

The upgrade will begin in European countries including Poland, Hungary, Sweden, as well as Korea today and gradually roll out to other markets. Android 4.0 ICS software upgrade for GALAXY Note, GALAXY SII LTE, GALAXY Tab 8.9 and 10.1 will follow soon. - Samsung

Pocket-lint also report that the update will be hitting UK owners of the smartphones, on the 19th of March.

I just find it a real shame that it takes mobile phone manufacturers around 6 months to actually update their phones, when the next Android update is only another 6 months away. It's a vicious cycle and only enables root users and owners of the Nexus series to get the updates first hand.

Hopefully Google will implement some kind of requirement from manufacturers to update their phones very soon after major Android updates.