Flud 2.0 Comes to Android – Beautiful Social Reader

If you’ve seen any of our previous coverage of Flud, from the initial release to the recent 2.0 iOS release, you’ll know how much we love it! The app allows you to read news socially by showing stories your friends are reading and popular stories across the Flud network.

The Flud 2.0 update gives news reading a new dimension. It makes everything you read more social than ever and allows you to involve your friends with your interests – something previously impossible to the extent Flud enables. You can Flud stories you like, add them your reading list and share them to other services. The app is very easy to navigate, and is, in my opinion, the best news reading app available on Android. Full Stop.

The design of Flud is one thing that makes it stand out. It has a minimal, mainly dark UI which shows off the images in articles very clearly. Every icon — every pixel is perfect! What’s more, the design complies with the Android Design Guidelines meaning it looks good on Gingerbread devices, and great on Ice Cream Sandwich devices!

There’s nothing more I can say apart from, “you need to get Flud!” Check it out on the Play Store:

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