Dropbox Website Gets Major Redesign

Dropbox have just released a major redesign of their web interface of the cloud storage service. Like many other websites and companies, they’re making everything bigger, bolder and adding more white space around everything. Before, everything was crammed together, it weren’t bad though. But it looks like Dropbox knew they could do better so they did.

There is now a universal action bar across the whole site. Whenever you click on a file, you’ll be presented with a number of options which will appear in the action bar. Just like before, right-click is still there, so you’ll still get the actions when right-clicking on files.

The gallery feature has been updated. Many use Dropbox as a photo storage system, having a smoother image viewing experience was inevitable. When clicking on a picture, it’ll maximise in the window. You are then presented with the name of the picture, next or previous buttons, full screen, download or delete options.

Organising files has become a whole lot easier with the implementation of drag and drop. You can select multiple files and drag and drop them into folders and what not.

Also new is the search bar. They’ve taken cues from Google and implemented instant search, so as you type it’ll bring up results for you.

You can go over to the Dropbox site right now to try it out. If you haven’t signed up to Dropbox yet, use this link so you get 250MB extra space.

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