DooID - A Beautiful Alternative

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DooID - A Beautiful Alternative

If you are looking to make a personal website - you know, somewhere that you can share all your links to Facebook, Twitter, et al. - you will probably have come across which, until recently, has been one of the few simple solutions around. Now that's all changed.

Along with other sites, DooID is offering some pretty neat designs for personal websites. DooID lets you add social accounts and links to other sites as well as interactive fragments that let you show off photos and videos.

DooID provides a very nice editor which allows you to customise your website entirely. You have the option to add a custom domain and in the latest iteration, 4.0 sharing, streams and stats have been brought to the forefront of the interface.

Here are a few examples of DooID sites shown in their promo video.

Overall, DooID is a very nice service providing complete customisation, great designs and an easy-to-use interface. It is a great alternative to other solutions like and Side 'n' Go so check it out.

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