Cell Phone Photography Tips


Cell Phone Photography Tips

Phone cameras are becoming more and more advanced as us consumers demand better quality pictures from our phones. Phones like the Galaxy S2, iPhone 4S and the Nokia N8, all phones from 2011, really went up a notch when it came to picture quality. Nokia N8 was the hands down winner when it came to overall image quality, with the Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S coming in very close behind. These phones produced good enough pictures to replace compact digital cameras. You could comfortably leave your compact digital camera at home and be assured your phone would produce just as good, if not better, results. With the way our phones are always connected, it removed the procedure of having to get your pictures from your camera to pc, you can upload pics straight from your phone onto the internet for everyone to see. It's what we humans like, making everything simpler and quicker.

Note: I am no way a professional photographer. All the tips and tricks listed below are from my own experiences and finding out what works best.

Light, light and more light!

To take good pictures with your phone you need light, and a lot of it. The reason for this is that the sensors inside phones are absolutely tiny compared to the ones you find in big DSLR's. Smaller sensors, capture less light meaning you'll get a lot of noise and "dirty" pictures. The more light you have available in the scene you're capturing, the clearer and brighter your pictures will be. However avoid getting absolute direct light into the camera lens. Or you pictures will be ill exposed, meaning one side is too bright, while the other is too dark.

Choose the highest quality

All phones will usually have a way of adjusting picture resolution and quality. Choose the highest you possibly can. The photos may look great on the small screen on your phone, but once you see them on the big screen, you'll notice the little details which then end up ruining the picture.

Stabilise it

Phones love to produce blurry pictures because they don't usually have great stabilisation features or the person taking the pic doesn't have the steadiest hands. Try and rest your phone on something to make it a lot more sturdy. Hold your phone with both hands and try to hold it close to your body, this will balance it a lot more and will help you take a blur-free picture.

Rule of thirds

Most modern smartphones will have the rule of thirds feature. It may just simply be called "grid" or "guidelines" on your phone. Where you see the lines cross each other, try to put the point of interest in the picture there. It's a very simple trick which can make your picture a lot more interesting. A lot of camera apps can replicate the rule of thirds feature and put a grid on your screen.

Cell Phone Photography Tips


If your phone has panoramic mode, use it. When you find a great landscape, take a panoramic picture. This is when you take a series of picture, panning across your scene, the phone will then stitch the pictures together to make a really wide picture. If your phone doesn't have it in its options menu, download an app for it. iPhone and Android phones have many panoramic apps which enable you to take these epic looking pictures.



Phones like the Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S are remarkably good at taking macro pictures. This is when you take pictures of things really close up, it also makes the background all blurry and smooth so you can really concentrate on the subject. Many don't realise their phones can do this until they actually try it.

Cell Phone Photography Tips

Edit your pics

All modern smartphones will most likely have apps. Download a number of photo editing apps and start editing the heck out of your pics. You may not be an expert in Photoshop but that doesn't mean you can't let an app do the work for you. iOS and Android have hundreds of photo editing apps which let you adjust a number of settings and add filters to your pics, providing a dramatic effect.

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Apps, Apps, Apps

If you have an iPhone, Android phone, or a Windows phone, there will be hundreds of apps available for your phone which will enable you to really take advantage of your camera. Some will completely replace the camera app on your phone and offer some amazing features and tricks which you didn't think could even exist.

If you have any other tips which you think could help, leave them in the comments below and I'll add them to the post. If you've taken pics yourself with your phone, leave a link in the comments, we'd love to see. If you have suggestions for iPhone, Android and WP7 camera apps, leave them in the comments below.