Camera Awesome for iPhone

A very generic name for an app which is here to beat the likes of Camera+. I guess they’ve named it this for marketing purposes because if you simply search “awesome camera” in the app store, this is on the first page.

This camera replacement app comes from SmugMug, a photo sharing company. After using it a few times, I must say I’m impressed and it is up there with Camera+, an app which I said was the best of its type for the iPhone. However, Camera Awesome has one major difference, it’s completely free. Most photography apps for the iPhone are paid ones, so it’s hard to judge which is best without buying them all.

Out of the bat, Camera Awesome does have some great features which are in Camera+, but my favourite has to be the “Horizon” feature. Lining up a shot so that it’s completely level can be difficult if you don’t have any guidelines. Horizon uses the iPhone’s sensors to show you if your phone is level or not. All you have to do then is line it up right with the guidelines and take your shot, having it completely level.

Everyone wants the fastest camera in the world so they can capture that perfect moment right away, phone cameras aren’t really ideal for these situations but Camera Awesome boots up on your iPhone faster than most camera apps. It also actually works. Time and time again, camera apps love to force close for no reason whatsoever. It’s highly frustrating because you miss the opportunity.

Also, you get the standard set of filters and editing features you would get in paid apps. However, they do also have a boat load of other filters which you have to pay for – I’m sure the free ones will meet everyone’s needs though.

Camera Awesome for iPhone

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