Should You Buy The New iPad 3?

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The New iPad 3 - The Basics

"Should I buy the new iPad?"

Probably a question many people are asking themselves, and there are many answers to it.

Do you have the first iPad?
Then yes go ahead, this is the perfect time to upgrade. Especially if you have the cash available. You can easily flog your old iPad on eBay or anywhere else and still get quite a bit for it. You can use that cash on your purchase of the new iPad. You will also feel a massive difference coming from the first iPad because so much has changed in the new one.

Do you have the iPad 2?
If you have the iPad 2 (like myself) it can be difficult giving up quite a bit of cash for the new one. Yes you can sell your iPad 2 but you'll still probably spend over £100 for the new one. The new iPad only has a better screen, a better camera and a minor processor upgrade. At the cost of these new features, the new iPad is also thicker and heavier than the iPad 2. So I personally wouldn't recommend upgrading to the new one unless you really want the retina display, a better camera and a better gaming experience.

Are you a tech geek, tech journalist, or one of the 1%?
If you're part of any of these groups, then by all means go get one. Especially if your job is in the tech industry or you're a tech journalist, keeping up with the latest generation of gadgets is part of the job.
Alternatively, if you're part of the 1% and have cash to spend regularly on luxury goods, then you will most likely get the new one and keep the old one just because you can.

In all seriousness though, really weigh up your options. Laying down a few hundred quid down on the table isn't something most of can just do over a luxury good.