Backup Your Stuff Because It's World Backup Day

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Backup Your Stuff Because It's World Backup Day

It's world backup day and we should celebrate by backing up our stuff. Here are some great tips to backing up your stuff.

Backup Your Computer

The easiest way to backup your computer is to buy (or use an old) hard drive. You can pickup large desktop and portable hard drives for quite cheap nowadays so it's worth getting one. Usually you don't need to backup everything on your computer, it may just be documents, pictures and music - everything else is usually meaningless, so always backup the stuff which is really important to you.

Services like Dropbox and are great services to backup documents and images.

Backup Your Phone

Android and iOS provide some great backup services already to backup basic stuff on your phone.

iOS has iCloud with which you can backup contacts, images and video. You get 5GB of free storage with iCloud so be careful how you use it. You can also backup everything on your iOS device with iTunes.

Android has inbuilt contact backup system which works in the background. It's yet to have a system like iCloud though. Thankfully Dropbox have taken care of this and has provided an automatic image backup system for Android devices. You can also backup and videos or documents you like to Dropbox. If you want to backup apps from your Android device, I highly recommend getting Titanium Backup. It's easily the best app backup system for Android devices and can even backup things like game data so you won't lose all those 3 stars you got in Angry Birds.