Tweetbot Unleashed on to the iPad

People behind Tweetbot have not only updated their Twitter app for iPhone, they have also unleashed it on to the iPad. First impressions = absolutely amazing. It brings all the amazing features mentioned in 2.0 and all the features you would have found before from the iPhone version so it hasn’t missed a beat. It’s been redesigned quite a bit to fit the iPad screen and fully utilizes the big 9.7 inches of pixels. It’s replacing my official Twitter app for now, as I test out the works. I hope it replaces it for good.

Unfortunately Tapbots, have released a whole different version for the iPad which will be very annoying to some. It’s the same price as the iPhone version, £1.99. So if you get both you’re spending nearly £4 which is quite a bit for just a Twitter app.

Tweetbot for iPad

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