Transform Twitter Feed Into A Magazine on Flipboard

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Transform Twitter Feed Into A Magazine on Flipboard

Most people will know Flipboard as a beautiful RSS reader which enables you to transform RSS feeds into a kind of magazine. What a lot of people don't know is that you can also transform your Twitter timeline, Twitter people, Twitter lists, Facebook fan pages, Tumblr's all into magazine like feeds too.

If you mainly follow Twitter profiles which post links, photos and videos, transforming your Twitter timeline into a magazine like feed is a hell of a lot more useful than just plainly browsing through a Twitter client. Because I mainly follow blogs, websites and businesses, it's a great way for me to browse through tweets and tap on the ones I find most useful. You see the title in bold and you also get a thumbnail and quick excerpt of that post, link or whatever else. I've noticed, I'm a lot more engaged in reading through articles on Flipboard than I am through a Twitter app.

If you have an iDevice give Flipboard a try and see if you're a lot more engaged than you usually would be.

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