Top 5 Minimal Screensavers For Windows & Mac

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Screensavers, as the name suggests, were originally designed to 'save you screen' - essentially stopping images burning into CRT monitors and permanently damaging them. Since to uptake of common place LCD monitors, screensavers are mainly used for entertainment, scientific research or security purposes. When I mention screensaver, you will undoubtedly think of OS X's famous 'flurry' screensaver, Windows 95's 3D maze or perhaps the trippy, mystifying 'Electric Sheep'. While these are nice (to some) they have no home on my minimal desktop. Here are my top 5 suggestions for minimal screensavers - in no particular order:


2:20 by chrisjagers on Flickr

The classic flip clock screensaver, perhaps over used, but still one of the best. Add a little retro class to your idling workstation. Parameters include 12h/24h layout and adjustable on-screen size. It's more than likely that you've seen this wallpaper in inspiration posts across the site.

Windows | Mac


Polar Clock Screensaver by Pixel Breaker

This screensaver features a clock formed from arcs which grow and shrink depending on the time & date. In addition, the colours transitions through a myriad of hues depending on how complete the arc is. Useful for adding a splash of colour to a dull workspace. There's a lot of settings with this one, adjust the text, fonts, colours, alignment, etc.

Windows | Mac (10.6) | Mac (10.5 and below)


Tint Screensaver for Windows by cns0813, on DeviantArt

If your on OS X you should recognise this screensaver. It simply dims your desktop, useful to drown out the monitor brightness to make it less distracting if you want to work in the room. The customisable features for the linked Windows clone include the amount of tint and how many seconds it takes to reach the tint.



Focus screensaver for Windows

This screensaver will subtly blur your desktop giving your whole desktop a frosted glass effect. Users can set the amount of blur desired and if they want an additional greyscale effect. Unfortunately, it seems to be Windows only.


Simple Clock Saver


This is my current screensaver and my favourite from these 5. The screensaver shows the date and time against a dark background. It reminds me of some Android clock widgets and is beautifully minimal. The only negative is the lack of customisation, colour options and arranging of the date elements would be nice. Sorry Mac users, Windows only.


Have I missed your favourite? Know any other great wallpapers? Comment below!