Tech Companies: My Favourites

I’m sure we all have favourite consumer electronic/technology companies. Yours might be Apple, or Samsung, or even LG, although I’d struggle to think why you’d like LG. Anyway, I’m going to list my favourite tech company’s right now, and explain why they’re my favourites. In no particular order:


I’ve always liked HTC. They make good phones. My first Android phone was the Nexus One: in short, a fantastic phone. Well built, fantastic design, and very reliable (for me, at least). The phone just…felt right. My current phone is a HTC Sensation, and that’s of the same mould – it just feels right. And I love the design too. (To show my love for this phone, I’ve decided I’m not going to sell it unless I get another HTC).

Recently, HTC have been going a bit…off-track. But at MWC this year they’ve come back on track with the release of the HTC One series. I like the look of these phones. It feels at long last like HTC are trying to reinvent themselves, which is very good news indeed. Sense 4.0 looks good too; slimmed down Sense. Before Sense felt very bloated, and I got the feeling that a lot of what Sense had was unnecessary.

In short, a very good phone company, and one I will always watch out for.


ASUS are awesome. They’re also innovative. No one else, not even Apple, would have dared to make a tablet then make a keyboard dock for it. But ASUS did. And it was an overwhelming success; so much so that they produced a successor, and another successor after that, even. Similarly, no one else would even dare to make a phone dockable with a tablet. But again, ASUS are trying. They’re experimenting, which is what I like to see. PLus they use almost stock Android (with the additions of a few apps, most of which are good) on all their products. Why can’t more manufacturers do that?


I’ve always been a bit of a Sony fanboy, to tell you the truth. I had the original PS1, which was amazing (I still have it), and I had the PS2 (annoyingly, I sold that, which I now realize was a mistake), which simply put, was the best console ever. Now I have a PS3. I had a PSP (I had 3 PSPs in fact) and I will get a PS Vita. So yes, I’m a Sony fanboy.

But I haven’t owned any Sony phones. Why? Because until very recently, they were Sony Ericsson, which I didn’t like. But now they’re just Sony, I’m happy to buy from them again. There’s a very good chance my next phone will be the Sony Xperia S. It looks fantastic and it’s made by Sony. What more could you want?


OK, so technically they’re an advertising company, not a tech company. But hey, they still make Android, right?

Google are doing things the right way, in my opinion. Android is going in the right direction, and with Matias Duarte at the helm, it can only get better. The whole company is devoted to the cloud, which I am a massive, massive supporter of, because you can have potentially unlimited storage in the cloud. Plus everything I have on the cloud is accessible anywhere, which was probably an 80s nerd’s wet dream.

What are your favourite tech company’s?

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