How To Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks With Android | Chromemarks


How To Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks With Android | Chromemarks

Unless you're running the very latest version of Google's smartphone operating system, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, there is no clear way to sync your Google Chrome bookmarks with your Android devices web browser - this can be a real pain!

That's where ChromeMarks comes in. Once installed choose which Google account you want to use (based off those linked to your device). If there's only one just press sync straight away. ChromeMarks can make benefit of the search key to launch your bookmarks list too, making it super easy to access. Your initial sync time will vary depending on how many bookmarks you have, it shouldn't take too long though - it's just a list of links.

ChromeMarks uses a system similar to most Android file browsers to navigate your bookmarks; A tree layout with an 'up' button. The home icon will navigate to the top layer of the tree or the 'root' directory.

Long pressing a bookmark or folder will reveal more details about it, and if you're running the paid version of the app you have some editing and organisational features too! The full, paid version also allows you to create Chrome bookmarks in the native Android browser. Long press the address bar and hit share, followed by ChromeMarks, it's that simple! Remember, all the bookmarks will sync right across to your Chrome desktop browser providing you use the same Google account.

Now, this isn't quite as seamless as ICS's native bookmark sync but for the ninety-nine percent of us who aren't running ICS it's a reasonable solution.

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