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Sony Ericsson Is Now Officially Sony

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Sony Ericsson Is Now Officially Sony

If are a technology fanatic, you might have heard that Sony was acquiring 'Ericsson' and now, Sony has announced yesterday, on 16th February 2012, that they have completely acquired Ericsson, and the name has been changed to 'SONY' so that means no more 'Ericsson' next to their future Smartphones and Tablets, but since MWC is right around the corner, we 'might' see one or two products with the Sony Ericsson branding, but that really doesnt matter, as Ericsson officially ceases to exist.

Sony acquired Ericsson for 1.37 Billion Dollars, and this has been one of the smoothest acquisitions in the Android world, as SONY managed to buy Ericsson in around 4 months.

So how is thisgood? Well, Sony will now seamlessly integrate the whole House entertainment system they have come to be famous for into their smartphones and tablets, providing a better and unique overall experience for the consumer.