How To Use Reminders & Siri Properly


How To Use Reminders & Siri Properly

One of the most overlooked features which people either don't know how to use properly or don't use to its full extent is the Reminders app in combination with Siri. When ever you want to remind yourself or something, or note something down usually you just don't bother because it's not worth the hassle - I used to do this a lot. With Siri you can set reminders within seconds and be on your way.

With the tips below you will be able to make the most of Siri and the Reminders app. Using all the features of Reminders and how to add many different types of reminders.


A feature which a lot of people don't see in the reminders app is lists. You can create many different types of lists and then have notes or reminders under them. However, you will need to add lists first. For example:

  • Add "popcorn" to "Shopping" list.
  • Add "clean car" to "To Do" list.

Share lists

Now this one I didn't even know existed till playing around in iCloud. Any lists you create can be shared with anyone else who has an iCloud account. To do this you have to go into iCloud first on your computer, go to calender, select the list you want to share, then add other iCloud users via their email. Whoever added to that list can now add to the list too. This is great if you live with a girlfriend, wife or housemate because you can easily keep up with what needs to be done for the house or any other kind of lists.

Location Based Reminders

If you're the kind of person who always forgets to take something with you when leaving home, this will be your saviour. You can set reminders that activate once you leave the house or any other reminders like it. However, the annoying part is you will need to add these locations to your address book. Most likely though these locations are places you are at often. So simply go into the maps app, drop the pin on your desired location and then add it to your contacts. For example:

  • Remind me to "take my iPad" when I leave "home".
  • Remind me to "call mum" when I get "home".

Time based reminders

This is one I use a lot and is great for setting alarms too. You can set reminders which go off at a certain time you specify. For example:

  • Remind me "to watch Top Gear" at "8pm today".
  • Remind me "to get ready for meeting" at "7am on Monday".

You can also set recurring reminders, which repeat. Great for anniversaries, birthdays or even for when you want to remind yourself to take medication. For example:

  • Remind me it's "Jack's birthday" on "1st of January every year". (the key bit here is "every year")
  • Remind me it's "our anniversary" on "16th of October every year".
  • Remind me "to take medication everyday".

Hopefully with the tips above you'll be able to make use of the Reminders app a lot more and organize your life a lot easier.

For Android users, I recommend trying Any.DO, it's definitely the best reminders app for Android. It's not as good as Siri and Reminders on the iPhone but it's close enough.