Do You Recognise This Phone Thief?

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Do You Recognise This Phone Thief?

This hilarious, but at the same time quiet serious video, is footage of a disgusting phone thief. This video has been making the rounds, already clocking in over 200k views.

A British citizen (with an Australian background?) was on the midnight train on his way home from London Waterloo station to Guildford. The carriage looked empty by the looks of it. A woman left her bags unattended and this low-life thought he had the right to just pop along and steal her phone. Then it all kicks off. The guy recording starts shouting at the thief, making him feel very uncomfortable and nervous. The thief then has the nerve to justify why he stole the phone and still walks off with it, without a care in the world.

Many comments on the video ask why the guy didn't just take the phone off him. The main reason he didn't would be because it'd look he then stole the phone or harassed the original thief. This would then put the man recording in a more difficult situation and may instead backfire on him, making him look like the bad guy.

Do you recognise this filthy thief?