Otterbox for iPhone 4S Commuter Series | Review

Thanks to MobileFun for sending this product out to me for review.



  • Very tough with two layers of protection
  • Lightweight
  • Flaps to cover ports from dust




  • Quite thick
  • Can be a hassle to get the phone into the case
  • Most docks won’t support it


Otterbox are very well-known for cases which provide solid protection for phones and tablets. The cases are made primarily to protect your gadgets from drops and scrapes. There are four different types of cases Otterbox offer:
– Defender Series – Rugged protection
– Reflex Series – Agile protection
– Impact Series – Robust protection
– Commuter Series – Stylish protection

We have the commuter series so it isn’t as tough as some of the others which Otterbox offer, but still the case will survive most drops – unless you somehow drop it screen first into some kind of sharp edge, then you will be very unlucky. It consists of two layers, an inner silicon case then an outer plastic shell. You also get a screen protector chucked in.

I was expecting the case to be quite heavy, especially from other Otterbox I have seen and felt. But the Commuter series is very light. Not featherweight, you will still feel some extra weight when you have the iPhone in the case but it’s not troublesome. I found it more reassuring actually, because it added enough weight to have that quality feel to it.

The styling of the case is great. It’s the most stylish series out of the four which Otterbox offer. The plastic back blends very well with the inner silicon shell, and the two shades of black compliment each other nicely. Also there are flaps to cover all ports, great for protection against dust and debris.

The only criticism I would have on the outer design is the cut out of the Apple logo and the camera hole. I don’t need everyone to see that Apple logo and the cut out is very close to the camera hole, which looks a bit amateur. If they didn’t have a cut out for the Apple logo it would have looked a lot better.

The case is thick and it’s very noticeable. It takes away that nice thin feeling of the iPhone. I think the inner silicon case could easily be quite a bit thinner, it would definitely shave off a few millimetres.

It’s a hassle putting on and taking off the case. It is a case which you will want to leave on for probably weeks at a time, maybe even months.


Otterbox offer a great array of cases and the Commuter Series for the iPhone is no let down. There is the extra bulk but this will be overlooked because if you were to purchase it, it would be for protecting your iPhone. With the price being only £24.95 it is a lot lower than other cases which offer the same benefits. Like most cases which are priced above the average, you are getting a quality product with a great brand. This will easily protect your iPhone and will continue to do so for months or years.

Otterbox for iPhone Commuter Series – £24.95 | Otterbox Cases

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